Les Chan
2 min readMar 29, 2024

A Starup Crypto Project

  1. What is the project about?
  2. Taust is World’s first loyalty Utility token created for Hospitality Industry and Food and Beverage Businesses like the Hotel and Restaurants. Taust loyalty utility token is an ERC 20 token designed to incentivize and reward the Hospitality Industry participating in the Taust Ecosystem.
  3. Taust is a powerful and redeemable loyalty token that raises Hospitality Industries’ bottom line by rewarding loyalty benefits and significantly lowering invoice costs and customer transaction fees and merchants. unlike the old traditional banks and credit cards. The core value proposition of the Taust token is to offer a loyalty and rewards system tailored to the Hospitality Industry.

2. What makes your project Unique?

Taust token comes with an end-to-end tailor-made platform for the hospitality industry.

Only token that is designed for loyalty rewards for B2B transactions and as well as B2C transactions (consumer to a business).

Taust token has a real-world utility with USD 5,816.66 billion industry by 2027.

3. History of your project.

Food & Beverage companies and restaurant utilize the exact payment processing mechanisms via traditional banks and service offerings.

These offerings are outdated and not tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry, causing high credit card transaction cost payments that continually affect customers’ bottom line on each transaction. The Taust ecosystem aims to reduce friction within remittances, cross-border payments, invoice settlement, and payment delays. By implementing new technologies such as blockchain, along with a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality service architecture, Taust transforms invoice settlement and transaction processing for the industry.

4. What’s next for your project?

Taust has established a collaborative partnership with a prominent industry leader like CostCo, Walmart, President Choice, generating an annual revenue of $?$?$?$? within a market size of $5,816.66 billion. Taust aims to expand its market share in the next five years by incorporating additional vendors.

5. What can your token be used for?

Cost-savings in cross-border settlements — Taust loyalty utility tokens eliminate the need for conventional banking channels and intermediaries to complete the cross-border settlement. Taust is an expansive and organized event that brings together representatives from various businesses, industries and sectors.